Wade Wright.

Hit the link to connect with me on LinkedIn, where you’ll find an overview of my background, working experience and activities.


  • I’ve worked in web development since the pre-Google era, and experienced the full bell-shaped curve of the dot-com boom working in Hong Kong;
  • I’ve worked in print, managing full-spectrum projects from concept to distribution in teams of non-English speakers, delivering in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Malaysian, Thai, Korean and Japanese;
  • I’ve worked for outfits from Government agency to non-profit membership representation, managing work spanning public-facing websites, intranets, server systems and contractors through to email news lists and social media; and
  • most recently, the startup formation of a concept spanning print, mobile and website content, operating in the marketing and advertising space, launched in Malaysia and including contractor development of mobile apps on Android and iOS.

I’ve created an entirely self-produced magazine, from concept to delivery in hard-copy, covering all aspects from concept through layout to distribution.

So far, I’ve lived and worked in:

  • Australia (Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania)
  • United Kingdom (Aberdeen and Edinburgh)
  • Hong Kong and China
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam

and I’ve traveled extensively whilst based in these places.