radelaide.me was, in its final format, a showcase site, providing an intro to the projects I was either working on at the time or had produced in the past.

before that, it was home to a couple of particular projects focused on South Australia.

now, the site is on the way to retirement, although, until the domain expires later in 2017, it’ll continue to show a bit of information on the projects I ran whilst living in Adelaide.

the new home for what I’m doing now, and in future, is wadekwright.com.

social media news for adelaide & south Australia…

Adelaide & South Australian social media news: @radelaide5000

Adelaide news

radelaide.me magazine…

radelaide.me magazine was an entirely self-produced publication of 42 full-colour pages, featuring content and interviews around Adelaide, in South Australia.

The magazine remains available:

Adelaide magazinean early interview with Michael from the then-named Majoran Distillery,
Adelaide’s pre-eminent coworking space

South Australia magazine

the 4-day ‘adelaide skylines’ photobook project…

Like it says on the tin, produced in its entirety in 4 days, including all photography and full production.

Adelaide Skylines photo book

full-colour hardcopy     /     free ebook

an instagram feed…

An ongoing capture of the many-and-varied sights around Adelaide, from architecture to street art to events and individuals and beyond.

Instagram Adelaide

see it at instagram.com/radelaide5000

and that list, previously an adelaide events listing.

That List originally was an events listing, covering mainly Adelaide events and activities, delivering info via Twitter, Facebook, an online events calendar and, briefly, a printed listing.

That List continues as a standalone proof-of-concept, although now it features startup news for Australia, New Zealand, South and Southeast Asia, and is connected with Startup News Asia.

That List Startup News Asia

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